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SecureCareMN Program

SecureCare is a provider-owned network management company advocating for conservative care providers.


To deliver the highest standard of network management utilizing fair and efficient management practices and to improve the relationship between conservative care providers and the insurance industry.


Simple, efficient, and fair. SecureCare operates in a transparent and ethical manner by building deep and lasting relationships founded on trust and respect with both providers and insurance companies. This balanced approach has proven to forge productive win-win partnerships.


  • Decrease administrative burden
  • Eliminate prior authorization
  • Increase utilization of conservative care
  • Increase reimbursements
  • Increase covered CPT codes
  • Decrease fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Strengthen state associations



In October of 2016, SCC will began managing components of the Blue Cross Blue Shield chiropractic network. Together this collaboration has provided an opportunity for our profession to build a strong and productive relationship with Minnesota’s premier health insurance company, to build new bridges with other providers in Minnesota’s health care delivery system, and to ensure that high-quality and cost-effective patient care is delivered.


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