Legislative Committee

The MCA Legislative Committee produces the legislative agenda to be approved by the full board. The committee works to assure that all chiropractors in Minnesota can practice with as much liberty within our scope as possible.


Dr. Doug Broman

Education and Events Committee

The Education and Events Committee focuses on providing quality continuing education programs for our doctors. The committee provides educational programs that not only educate doctors, but also prepares them for an ever-changing health care system.


Dr. Sara Cuperus

Membership Committee

The Membership Services Committee works toward expanding our member base and enhancing the value of membership in the MCA. Besides our continuing involvement in reviewing and making recommendations on products and services offered to Minnesota chiropractors,
we are engaged in a major effort towards membership recruitment through education and awareness programs.


Dr. Carrie Clark

Veterans Affairs Committee

The MCA Veterans Affairs Committee shall ensure that Veterans of the U.S. Military will have appropriate access to chiropractic care through establishing a positive working relationship with primary care physicians within the V.A. Hospital System and educating the chiropractic profession about proper claims handling procedures.


Dr. Chad Paulson

Communication Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for publicity and development of programs to advance the image of the chiropractic profession. The committe also promotes and increases the understanding and appreciation of chiropractic. This committee also strives to improve communications within the MCA and the chiropractors of Minnesota.


Dr. Carrie Getzmier

Awards Committee

MCA membership brings with it increased opportunities for professional recognition and achievement. The Outstanding Chiropractor of the Year is the most prestigious award a doctor in Minnesota may achieve. Other special recognition distinctions for excellence and distinguished service in chiropractic are awarded each year at the MCA Annual Convention.


Dr. Doug Broman

Sports Council

The Sports Council shall provide education to doctors, trainers, coaches, and the public in regards to chiropractic sports rehabilitation. This committee shall be a clearing house for providing Doctors of Chiropractic to athletic and sporting events. This committee shall also encourage and aid individual doctors to develop the sports injury portion of their practice.


Dr. Rohin Sachdeva

Pediatric Council

The MCA Pediatric Council shall provide education and training to Doctors of Chiropractic, students, midwives, doulas, birth workers, and to the public on the appropriateness, safety, and efficacy of chiropractic care for infants to adolescents, including prenatal care. This committee shall work to educate the public on the importance of chiropractic care and to support those who take care of children in their practices. This committee will work to promote the acceptance and advancement of pediatric chiropractic care.


Dr. Beth McVey

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Insurance Committee

The Insurance Committee uses the latest data to educate decision makers on the true value of Chiropractic Care. The Insurance Committee assist members with questions and challenges as it relates to 3rd party payors. Through our close payor relationships we can help to effectively address issues that may come up during your daily practice; thus allowing your patients to receive their full benefits.


Dr. Chris Jo


MCPAC is the fastest and easiest way for every chiropractor to help their legislator. We can direct funds to candidates that know and support chiropractic without having to organize hundreds of fundraising efforts.

MCPAC Leadership

Dr. Doug Broman – Chair
Dr. Scott Mooring – Treasurer

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Volunteer Leadership Opportunities:

Active members of MCA are encouraged to serve in a volunteer leadership role on one of the above committees. Committee members are expected to attend meetings; support and MCA policies and programs; promote interest, active participation and membership in MCA; remain a member in good standing; and attend MCA’s various events throughout the year. MCA’s President appoints committee chairs and members.

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