Legislative Information

Every Minnesota chiropractor is impacted by decisions made at the state capitol.

Your involvement is essential, but proactive legislative activity is time consuming and costly. The MCA combines the support of doctors across the state and experts in the area of state government to advocate for changes in public policy that promote

Advocacy is a core function of the MCA, and our staff and lobbyists have been in the trenches promoting and protecting  chiropractic inclusion in health care programs like HMO’s, Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. Without the MCA, chiropractic care may have been virtually eliminated from workers’ compensation and personal injury in the past.

The MCA legislative team can not do it alone; they need your help and your voice. Without a strong grass roots effort we cannot outmaneuver or outspend those who oppose us at the capitol. However, with your support, anything is possible!

Healthcare will continue to be a prominent focus in the Minnesota Legislature. Convincing lawmakers that access to chiropractic doctors is imperative is a top priority of the MCA. With a showing of 100% support you will put power behind
our legislative motion.


Why Get Involved Today?

  • Simply put, it’s your profession and your right to practice is at stake, get involved and PROTECT IT
  • Every year we look for opportunities to introduce legislation and monitor other bills we oppose
  • In November 2020, all 201 seats in the Minnesota Legislature will be on the ballot – you have the ability to influence who sits in those seats!
  • With active participation and financial donations the MCA and its members can be a part of every House  and Senate campaign
  • Supporting today will assist in getting support for our profession in the future

2019 Legislative Priorities

Legislative Resources

Legislative Agenda

The MCA believes that patients should have access to treatments of their choice. Accordingly, the MCA supports and will actively work for legislative, administrative, and other initiatives that promote the following policies:

  • Health Care Provider Tax. The Health Care Provider Tax should be repealed as it is a regressive tax that adds unnecessary costs to Minnesota’s health care system. Additionally, the current law that phases out the two percent “sick
    tax” that is charged on all health care services in the state by the end of 2019 must be supported and retained.
  • No Fault Automobile Insurance. Minnesota’s current no fault automobile insurance system must protect the patient’s ability to choose the provider of his or her choice and to receive the necessary health care for injuries resulting
    from accidents covered by no fault automobile insurance while fraud, waste, and abuse in the current system must be eliminated in collaboration with all impacted stakeholders.
  • Patient and Provider Non Discrimination. Patients must be allowed access to chiropractic services in public plans, such as Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare, and commercial plans and other health care products; and payments and
    payment practices for chiropractic services must be the same as those similar and same services provided by other health care providers.
  • Role of Chiropractic in the Management of Acute and Chronic Pain. As the current opioid crisis brings greater awareness to the challenges associated with pain management and addiction to narcotic medication, the MCA will seek opportunities
    to influence state agency policies and legislative initiatives in ways that will potentially lead to greater utilization of the effective and lower cost nonpharmacologic therapies provided by Doctors of Chiropractic.
  • Other Chiropractic Issues. From time-to-time federal and state legislation is introduced that may impact the Chiropractic profession in Minnesota. The MCA will actively monitor and work on these issues in Minnesota, and through the
    American Chiropractic Association on the federal level, to promote Chiropractic in Minnesota and access to all Minnesotans.

Download Legislative Agenda (PDF)

Key Doctors

In order to protect and advance the chiropractic profession in Minnesota, we must develop and maintain a strong grass roots organization through a volunteer KEY DOCTOR PROGRAM.