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A place for newly licensed doctors of chiropractic

and students getting ready to graduate.

What is NextGen?

Any MCA member who graduated and began practicing within the past five years is automatically included in the NextGen community, in addition to enjoying all other MCA member benefits.

As a member of  MCA NextGen you can:

  • Seek advice from emerging professionals on the unique issues you face.
  • Spark discussion and get real-time guidance on MCAs Discourse  online forum.
  • Pursue volunteer and leadership opportunities in Minnesota with NextGen’s committees.
  • Take part in regional events with your peers.
  • Attend the annual ACA NextGen Summit designed specifically to engage early-career practitioners.
MCA is proud to announce the launch of a specialized platform tailored to the needs of early-career chiropractors. The MCA NextGen will provide a dedicated space for growth and support of DCs within their first five years of practice. Members gain exclusive access to practice resources, networking, and workshops tailored to NextGen members’ interests and needs. 
Liasisons:  Dr. Jodi Dorpinghaus, Dr.  Michelle Norton, Dr. Andrea Ohmann, Dr. Paige Nolte


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