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Congratulations to Our Award Recipients!


Thank you to everyone who attended our 2022 Awards Gala on Nov. 18. It was wonderful to gather in person for this lovely event.


Drs. Sara Cuperus and Craig Couillard took the stage as our MCEES for the evening.

Congratulations to our 2022 award winners, as well as winners from 2020 and 2021, who were recognized at the gala.


2022 Awards
Chiropractic Assistant Award:   Ms. Mary Howard, Broman Chiropractic
Young Practitioner of the Year: Dr. Abby Splittstoesser
25-Years Meritorious Service: Dr. Cheri Carlson
Outstanding Educator of the Year: Dr. Jeremy Schmoe
John Allenburg Meritorious Service Award: Dr. Douglas Broman
Claudius Galen Award: Deb Bushway, Ph.D.
Champions of Chiropractic:
o  Dr. Scott Mooring
o  Dr. Vince Pankonin
o  Dr. Sara Cuperus
o  Dr. Jake Sundberg
o  Dr. Dustin Emblom
o  Dr. Jake Dalbec
o  Dr. Charles Sawyer
o  Dr. Rick Hueffmeier
o  Dr. Carrie Getzmier
Presidential Awards
  Presented by: Dr. Jake Sundberg
o  Dr. Rebecca Amstutz
o  Dr. Alyssa Clarity
o  Dr. Carrie Getzmier
o  Dr. Laura Hulsebus
o  Dr. Jennifer Stuvek
Chiropractor of the Year: Dr. Dustin Emblom
Sports Chiropractor of the Year: Dr. Craig Couillard
Lifetime Achievement Award – Only the 4th one ever given:  Dr. Mary Beth Minser
Congratulations to award recipients from previous years as well! 
2020 Awards:
Young Practitioners Award:
  • Dr Rohin Sachdeva
  • Dr. Samantha Shand
  • Dr. Jordan Knowlton-Keys
25-Years Meritorious Service:
  • Dr. Lisa Hillerud
  • Dr. Scott Sammon
  • Dr. Richard Saggau
Outstanding Educator of the Year: Dr. Brad Finer
John Allenburg Meritorious Service Award: Dr. Scott Mooring
Claudius Galen Award: Ms. Debbie Peterson
Chiropractor of the Year Award: Dr. Sara Cuperus
Sports Chiropractor of the year: Dr. Adam Millsop
2021 Presidential Awards
Presented by: Dr. Vincent Pankonin
  • Dr. Mary Beth Minser
  • Dr. Scott Mooring