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Dear MCA Members,

MCA has entered into an agreement with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) to provide association management services. MCA will continue to function as an independent organization, with its own governance, while ACA manages its daily operations.

Among key benefits of the new arrangement, which begins on June 1, 2021, MCA will have the opportunity not only to leverage ACA’s expertise in association management but also its deep understanding of chiropractic issues and its strong relationships across the industry.

“ACA is excited to work with MCA and help strengthen its operations, which support its important work on behalf of Minnesota doctors of chiropractic,” said ACA Executive Vice President Karen Silberman.

“MCA’s mission, governance and our dedication to our members remain the same. We are confident ACA’s expertise in association management will bring new membership growth and greater operational stability to our organization,” said MCA President Vincent Pankonin, DC.

MCA conducted a thorough search for a new association management team, interviewing a range of candidates and invited ACA to submit a proposal, as part of the process.

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