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2018 Convention

2018 Annual Convention – NEW THIS YEAR!

We’re excited to offer a new option for convention attendance. We’ve scheduled our sessions into four modules, each running for about a half day. Each module includes a number of sessions and offers four to six CE credits. Modules are a great

option if you aren’t able to attend the full convention but still want to earn a few CEs, network with colleagues, and visit our exhibitors. Choose as many modules as you like, or register for the full convention to get all 20 CE credits and

attend the awards banquet Friday night!

Don’t forget: students can attend for free! Contact Katie Wallstein at katiew@mnchiro.com for the promo code.

MODULE 1: Thursday, March 15, 2:00-7:40pm (6 CEs)

1:30-6:00pm Registration Open
2:00-2:50pm Teachable Safety Skills for Medical Professionals (Professional Boundaries) – Allison Feigh



3:00 -5:40pm

Clinical Significance (or not) of Common Congenital Anomalies and Other Case Studies – Dr. Chris Major


Break with Appetizers

Track 1

Track 2


Create Better Documentation with Speech Recognition – Judy Barnes

Acupuncture – Dr. Michele Renee

MODULE 2: Friday, March 16, 7:30am-12:20pm (5 CEs)


Scoliosis – The Chiropractic Alternative to Bracing and Surgery – Dr. Josh Woggon



Track 1

Track 2


Kids (0-5) Neurology & Nutrition – Dr. Angie Graper

The Functional Pathophysiology and Structural Similarities between Concussion/mTBI and Post-Auto Whiplash – Dr. Erik Reis


Break & Exhibits


Returning the Injured Worker to the Workplace – Dr. Joe Sweere

Strapping Options for the Acute Low Back Patient (Hands-on Session) – Dr. Tim Stark

MODULE 3: Friday, March 16, 1:30-5:00pm (4 CEs)


No-Fault/Croft Guidelines – Dr. Doug Broman

3:10- 3:20pm


3:20 – 5:00pm

Featured Speaker – Dr. Scott Bergman

MODULE 4: Saturday, March 17, 8:00-12:30 (5 CEs)

Track 1

Track 2


Featured Speaker – Dr. Monika Buerger


CPR Certification – Jim Cooper


Break & Exhibits


Hormone Balance in Cardiovascular, Diabetes, & Chronic Disease Support – Carol Brinkman

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Year 2 Quality Payment Program Final Rule

Lyle Coleman, DC

Medicare has issued the final rule for the second year of the Quality Payment Program. Below are links to the Final Rule Fact Sheet and to the Executive Summary so that you may explore them if you wish.

There are two new items for this year that are critical for all D.C.’s to know. First, the threshold for the low volume exclusion has changed. The new level is “equal to or less than $90,000 of approved Medicare charges or equal to or less than

200 unique Medicare patients”. For us, approved charges are only 98940, 98941, and 98942. Medicare tracks these numbers and will notify every one of their status. This is a big change from the 2017 threshold of $30,000 or 100 patients. These

levels can change each year.

If you are below the threshold, you are excluded from the MIPS payment program for 2018. MIPS only determines your pay level according to your performance for that year- bonus or straight fee schedule or penalty. Meaningful Use, PQRS, and Value

Modifier are all now included within the MIPS program. They are no longer 3 separate programs.

So if you are excluded from MIPS, you are not subject to performance based pay reductions or bonuses. You still get paid the base Medicare fee schedule. It is very important to remember, you are still in Medicare and all the rules and regulations of Medicare continue to apply to you.

Second, this year providers are allowed to join together with other providers to form what Medicare calls “virtual groups”. It is combining together of the numbers of patients, allowed charges, and performance results of 2 or more practices to

get over the threshold for inclusion into MIPS. There are both risks and rewards with virtual groups. Please investigate carefully before committing to this brand new form of modified partnership. The virtual group will contain both the strengths

and weaknesses of all the providers within the group.

The QPP website is a great resource for your questions about the Quality Payment Program. They provide answers from printed material in the website, by phone or email.

MCA Day at the Capitol

Dr. Chuck Sawyer, MCA Professional Officer of Legislative Affairs

We will be going back to the Capitol again on the morning of Thursday, March 15th and you can register now to join other doctors throughout the state!

Register Today!

This is an important opportunity to inform and influence members of the Legislature about issues of interest to the chiropractic profession, and our patients, so the goal of the MCA’s Legislative Committee is to meet with all House and Senate

district to attend. But, in order to do that, we need your involvement!

The event will again begin with a briefing breakfast at 8:00 a.m. at the Best Western Plus Capitol Ridge Hotel after which we will walk the short distance to the Capitol for meetings with lawmakers. We will provide you with talking-points and

other information about specific legislation that is of importance to the chiropractic profession and, if this will be your first experience, I would encourage you to watch a short video from the event in 2017.

When you register, you will have the option of either having your appointments scheduled for you, or contacting your House and Senate member directly to make those arrangements.

Don’t forget: students can attend for free! Contact Katie Wallstein at katiew@mnchiro.com for the promo code.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you on March 15, 2018!

Convention Speaker Highlight: Dr. Tim Stark

SAVE THE DATE: Minnesota Integrative Concussion Summit

Saturday, April 28, 2018
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

These sessions will be presented in a case study format following an athlete with a suspected concussion from the initial examination to return to play. The integrative approach will address the injury from many points of views.

This summit is a must for any licensed health provider to attend.

Registration and details to come!