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The MCA Board of Directors has considered many options over the last number of months to better position chiropractors in the market place. This endeavor has become even more complicated with the health reform measures coming from Washington and how it will impact you and your business.

The various strategies and tactics we are considering all lead back to a fundamentally important gap we need to address to execute and accomplish our overarching goals: MCA NEEDS DATA! Whether it is getting involved in Medical Homes, bidding on Community Health Cooperatives, or simply engaging the government or insurance companies on a level playing field, the MCA needs your claims data to promote and protect your right to treat patients.

To accomplish these goals the MCA has entered into a strategic partnership with Infinedi (www.infinedi.net) from Tulsa, OK. Not only are they a superior clearing house operating in all 50 states, they already have over 7,000 chiropractors as clients and know how we practice. Most importantly, Infinedi has created a powerful analytical engine that will feed critical data back to you and the MCA – data we all need to compete in this competitive environment. Health care reform will require all of us to be more accountable and Infinedi analytics are essential in that effort.

Most clearing houses are owned by or spin offs of insurance companies. Even if they are free to you, insurance companies use the data in ways that is not always “beneficial” to you or the profession. Infinedi has never been owned by an insurance company. It is a privately held firm and has positioned itself as a “provider advocate” in a business segment that historically has benefited the payer industry.

Infinedi: FAQ

Why are all Minnesota Chiropractors being asked to move to a new clearing house solution, Infinedi EDI?

In order to better promote and protect the profession, the MCA needs claims data to interact with the payer and government entities. You need the easy to read Dashboard Reports from Infinedi analytics to position your business during health care reform and the competition it will create.

Why is this project so important?

Some of the most critical relationships we have (and don’t have) are with the payers we depend on for reimbursement. Accountability is a hallmark of the reform measures recently passed in Washington DC. As a business person you need access to critical data about your practice that is typically used (often times against you) in the health care industry. That data comes from the claims you submit and the payments you receive. Infinedi can give you immediate access to the most sought after metrics at a touch of a button 24/7 and compare your numbers to other providers in the state.

I like my current clearing house EDI vendor. Why are you asking me to change to Infinedi?

MCA recognizes there are many good EDI solutions out there – but most are owned by or spin offs of insurance companies. Even those that are not operated by payers typically do not contain the toolset that Infinedi provides to analyze the activity of your office at no extra charge. This analysis is the most important component Infinedi offers your office and the MCA. And Infinedi’s relationship with 7000 other DCs and 8000 other providers across the country exposes you to a very robust data base to compare and analyze your practice and understand how you stack up in an increasingly competitive health care market.

How much will all these services cost my office?

MCA negotiated an aggressive group rate exclusively for MCA members. There is a one-time set up fee of $150.00 (a savings of $50.00) and a flat fixed fee (rather than a per line charge) of $65.00 per month. New doctors can become Infinedi clients for
$15.00 per month! And there are specially negotiated discounts for multi-doctor practices. Please call Infinedi at (800) 688-8087, tell them you are an MCA member and would like more information.

What if I have a multiyear contract with my current vendor?

Most multiyear contracts are non-exclusive. This means that you may enter into an agreement with more that one EDI vendor if you choose. Any office with a multiyear contract will receive special assistance and support to ensure you are able to take advantage of special pricing and unique features of Infinedi while meeting your existing contract obligations.

How will MCA use this data?

The MCA will be able to look at all the rolled up data from across the state to better understand the billing and coding patterns of the profession. This will help the MCA asses and respond appropriately when a payer makes a change in their payment policy. The MCA will better understand the impact that change will have on the profession and be in a better position to make informed decisions (based on our own data base) about what steps we can make. The MCA will also have access to Infinedi’s data base of the DC’s in all the other states so we can better understand how we are alike and different from those DCs. And MCA will have access to other professions’ data so it can compare code usage, billing patterns, and reimbursement methodologies and help position chiropractic more competitively.

Will Infinedi work with current practice management software and/or EHR software?

Since Infinedi does business in all 50 states and across all health care disciplines, it believes 99.9% of practice management software is compatible. If you have a unique situation, Infinedi will work with you to find a solution.

My clearing house is free, why should I switch to something I have to pay for?

If it is free: 1) It’s probably owned by an insurance company 2) It won’t be free for long as the cost of translating your claims is going up 3) You’ll be lost in health care reform without the data you can get through this MCA program.

What do I do next?

  • You can click on www.infinedi.net and begin the application process
  • You can call (800) 688-8087 and speak to New Client Implementation at Infinedi and they will get you started
  • You will be getting information inn the next few weeks from the MCA & Infinedi about this special program
  • You can call your district president and your district director and ask them about this program and get their opinion
  • You can call the MCA central office at (800) 864-3769 for more information.

It is possible that the current EDI vendor you have may try to convince you that change is not needed, but please keep in mind, they can not match the data retrieval capabilities of Infinedi for your business, nor can the MCA access their data banks to
help protect and promote the practice you work so hard at everyday. As an MCA member, your best interest is our primary focus.

Be assured that your migration to Infinedi will be carefully managed by an experienced transition team who is specially trained by Infinedi to make this a smooth change for MCA members. It might be a little scary for you – but the team at Infinedi does this every day with payers from all across the country and will be there every step of the way with you!