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MCA Communities of Practice

MCA is excited to announce a new style of engagement for our members – Communities of Practice! A community of practice (CoP) is group of people with a common interest who gather to share experiences and resources with the goals of learning together and improving skills in the area of interest. More than just a network of peers or a group of people who happen to work in the same industry, a community of practice has distinct characteristics:

A shared interest

The members of the CoP share a common interest, in this case based on a specialty area of chiropractic.



Regular interactions among members.



The members of the group don’t merely discuss a topic or issue. They are practitioners who engage in real-world work around the area of interest.

Collective learning

The CoP exists to serve as a means of improving skills in the area of interest. As such, it is a place to share ideas, experiences, techniques, and resources that guide the members in the development of their practice.

Currently, MCA has 4 communities available for our members to join. We hope you find these communities enriching and you find a further sense of belonging and growth while improving your knowledge and skill.

Animal Chiropractic

Lead/Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Amstutz

Animal Chiropractors in Minnesota are a small group of practitioners throughout greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro Area. This group seeks to support and facilitate professional growth and establish a community by providing shared experiences, resources, ideas, and techniques with the goals of improving together. It is the desire to provide one collective area for animal chiropractors in Minnesota. We seek to interact regularly both via the forum and on a bi-monthly basis via zoom.

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Lead/Moderator: Dr. Michael Hennes

The Community of Practice in Neurology is a place to learn about and discuss with one another different aspects of neurologic care in our patients. Preventative strategies, early recognition, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of the nervous system are all topics we can discuss here.

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Next Gen

Lead(s)/Moderator(s): Dr. Andrea Ohmann, Dr. Jodi Dorpinghaus

Any MCA member who graduated and began practicing within the past five years is automatically included in the NextGen community, in addition to enjoying all other MCA member benefits.

Join a network of MN professionals and get assistance on the unique issues you face.

  • Engage in discussion and get real-time guidance on NextGen’s community of practice.
  • Take part in statewide social and educational events with your peers.

In the NextGen community of practice, NextGen members can share knowledge, ask questions and network with peers. Recordings of the monthly NextGen calls are also available on the community board.

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Lead/Moderator: Greg Peterson, NutriDyn

Proper nutrition is a necessary health behavior to encourage musculoskeletal health. Nutrition and chiropractic care are interwoven and this community of practice will discuss research and trends in nutrition.

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These communities are available to members only. To join one or more community simply…

  • Make sure to add frequency of updates

Joining the Communities of Practice is easy!

  1. Sign into your member account
  2. Select the Membership Tab and click on the blue FORUMS button or click the "communities of Practice" button
  1. In that tab you will see a link with your initial that can be hovered over to show a dropdown list with at all the available communities. Click on the community of your choosing to join.
  1. Finally, click on the Join Button to confirm your selection.